SafetoSleep™ latest Sleepmat®-STS100

together with her latest smartphone STS100 App support 11 Languages, giving peace of mind to new parents of our global communities.

Features Designed To Preserve Life

Breathing is life. The first system to continuously monitor every breath of your sleeping baby. Proactive alerts and sleep tracking. Protect your baby with the latest technologies.
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Peace Of Mind.
There's An App For That

Your baby is sleeping. The house is quiet. You glance at your smartphone and see that your baby is breathing safely. It's the Peace of Mind you deserve.

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Easy Set Up In Under 5 Minutes

Easy to set up. Simple to use. Portable by design. From crib to cottage, protect your baby everywhere they sleep.

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Your Questions Answered

You have questions. We have answers. Browse our extensive knowledge base of most commonly asked questions.

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What is the sleep and Breathing Monitor?

The only baby monitor that can monitor every breath of your sleeping baby and alert you of dangerous breathing events.

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My baby is healthy. Why do I need to monitor my baby's Breathing?

Breathing is life. Breath monitoring technology is the safest way to ensure a sleeping baby?s safety.

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