Periodic Breathing

Most babies, regardless if they are pre-term or full-term, experience episodes of periodic breathing.

Breathe, vol. 12, no. 1

Breath Wellness

Why you should monitor periodic breathing

Ample oxygen and quality sleep are the fundamentals of a healthy start for all babies. Periodic breathing can cause oxygen desaturation and affect your baby's breath and sleep wellness, which may negatively impact your baby's brain and cognitive development.

Journal of Perinatology

Comprehensive breath wellness analysis

Have a clear and reliable picture of your baby's breath wellness

The SafetoSleep200 knows when your baby has fallen asleep and it will diligently monitor your baby's breathing patterns throughout. With comprehensive breath pattern analysis graphs in-app, you will have a complete picture if your baby's breath wellness so you can give your baby a safe and great start in life.

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Breath wellness

What to do if your baby is prone to apnea

Experts recommend rousing the apneic infant within 15 to 20 seconds to prevent brain damage. In the rare event of your baby has an apneic episode, quickly but calmly pick up your baby and gently and calmly pat your baby on the back for about one minute to wake your baby and help regulate his breathing. Infant apnea must always be managed by a medical professional.

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Real-time breath sensing

Making sure that your baby is always breathing well

Our unique BreathOpticsTM technology allows the SafetoSleep mat to accurately detect periodic breathing and sleep. In the unlikely event of an abnormal breath event, an alarm will sound on the mat and an alert will be sent to your SafetoSleep mobile application. With the SafetoSleep200 watching over your baby, you will never have to worry about your baby's breath wellness.

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