The importance of safe sleep

Safe sleeping habits are important for your baby’s physical and emotional well-being

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Safe Sleep

The Safest Way To Sleep

Experts recommend babies between 0 to 6 months to room share with their parents but sleep in their own cribs. Parents should ensure that their babies sleep on their backs and avoid using positioners or soft bedding. Babies should also sleep in a cool room without too much noise for optimal sleep.

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Safety first

Designed with safety in mind

The SafetoSleep200 is a revolutionary baby sleep and breath monitor that has absolutely no wires so there's no risk of strangulation. Unlike other baby breath monitors on the market, the SafetoSleep sensor emits no electromagnetic fields that could harm your baby. Our patented optic fiber technology allows the SafetoSleep200 to deliver the most accurate and sophisticated real-time breathing sensing and sleep analysis so your baby can sleep safer.

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Room temperature

Keep it cool and keep it safe

Babies should sleep in a cool room between 16°C - 22°C with light bedding to lower the risk of overheating. Parents should avoid bedsharing with young infants and encourage their babies to sleep on their backs in their cots on a firm mattress. There should not be any loose or soft bedding on the baby's sleeping surface.

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Ambient temperature sensor

Accurate ambient temperature sensing round-the-clock

Do you know what is the exact temperature of your baby's room right now? Eliminate the guesswork with the inbuilt ambient temperature sensor and large LCD display on the SafetoSleep200. Every 5 minutes, the SafetoSleep200 intelligently measures and records the ambient temperature in the complementary SafetoSleep mobile application so you can provide the best and the safest sleeping environment for your baby.

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