Room for improvement

The quality of care in the maternity wards vary wildly due to varying workloads and attitudes.

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Nursery challenges

Manpower shortages

In a global survey by the WHO, over 60% of the countries in the world do not have the correct patient to healthcare personnel ratio. Maternity hospitals and nurseries worldwide are struggling to retain their staff who are leaving the healthcare industry in droves to escape the punitive hours and ever-increasing workloads.

Nursery challenges

Nurse fatigue

More than 30% of newborn health problems are not diagnosed in time due to healthcare manpower issues and clinician oversight due to exhaustion. Nurse and clinician fatigue cost hospitals an estimated US$2.5 billion in losses annually. Fatigue and burnout result in nurses who are making fatal and costly errors.

Resource efficient

Monitor up to 50 infants from just one nursing station

In the event that an infant begins to show signs of a downward breathing trend or experiences an infant apnea breath event, the SafetoSleep-OMNisystem will alert the nursing staff on duty by sending an alert to the nursing station with clear information on the infant's location and status. With the SafetoSleep-OMNisystem, nursery monitoring capabilities can be dramatically improved which allowing nurseries to redeploy their manpower to improve operational efficiency.

Healthcare crisis

Over 30% of newborn health problems are not diagnosed in time due to healthcare manpower issues

WHO, November 2013

Nursery challenges

Superior quality of care

In an international research study by McKinsey and Company, it was reported that patients from all walks of life, including parents, expect greater digitalization and personalization of their healthcare. Parents also expect maternity hospitals and nurseries to have robust and efficient newborn breath monitoring systems.

Nursery challenges

Zero tolerance for errors

When it comes to the care of their infants, no parent will forgive any mistakes made by their healthcare providers. The need for a highly accurate yet cost-effective newborn breath monitoring systems is critical, together with comprehensive digital health records to help clinicians and nurses communicate even more efficiently.

Resource efficient

A bird's-eye of every infant's breath and sleep safety

Our professional SafetoSleep-OMNisystem is designed specifically to help nurseries monitor newborn breathing with greater accuracy and unparalleled efficiency. The SafetoSleep-OMNisystem comes with a powerful caregiver info dashboard with critical information such as the contact information for each infant's primary doctor and emergency contacts. Our comprehensive monitoring also systems enable nurseries to generate detailed discharge reports and design personalized medical care for each infant with ease.

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