Sleep Wellness

Babies between 0 to 6 months require at least 14 to 16 hours of high quality sleep each day.

National Sleep Foundation

Sleep wellness

How to enhance your baby's sleep wellness

Studies have shown that sleep wellness is inextricably linked to a baby's neurocognitive and motor skills development. Sleep wellness can be achieved if a newborn gets at least 14 to 18 hours of sleep that is unimpeded by breathing issues. Studies have also shown that babies benefit by being in an aural environment with familiar voices. You should also room share with your baby and follow safe sleep practices.

March of Dimes,
The Lullaby Trust,
Environment and Behaviour

Ambient Sound Sensor

Create a quality and peaceful sleeping environment for your baby

The SafetoSleep200 comes with an advanced ambient sound detection sensor. The sensor can accurately and effectively pick up and measure the noise levels in a room. The SafetoSleep200 ambient sound sensor intelligently analyzes and plots a sound trend graph every 5 minutes and for parents and caregivers in the complementary SafetoSleep app. Use the sound trend graph to help create a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby now.

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Sleep wellness

The Sound of Comfort

Research has proven that newborns and infants must be exposed to a rich variety of speech sounds and conversation to develop their auditory senses and speech properly. Science and common wisdom also suggest that frequent exposure to a familiar voice is both greatly comforting and effective in helping babies to develop their speech and auditory senses.

Psychological and Cognitive Sciences

Lullaby recording and playback

Sing or read to your baby anytime, even if you are miles away

Help further develop your baby's auditory senses with the SafetoSleep200's unique lullaby recording and playback function. With our complementary mobile app, you can sing and record your baby's favourite nursery rhymes or read to him his favourite bedtime story. Our remote monitoring mobile application allows you to be close to baby even when you are hundreds of miles away.

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