STS200: Baby sleep wellness and breath monitor

Helping parents cope with new parenthood

24/7 Monitoring

Monitors your baby day and night

The STS200 constantly monitors your baby around the clock ensuring that you will have a complete peace of mind. With the STS200 both you and your baby will sleep better knowing that the STS200 is always on duty.

Smartphone enabled

Complete picture of your baby’s sleep wellness

Thanks to the STS200 mobile application, it has never been easier to paint a full picture of your baby’s natural sleep rhythms and sleep wake cycles. Comprehensive charts and interactive data points allow you insight to your baby’s sleep wellness.

Built-in speaker

Stay close to your baby even while away

Make your presence felt even while away. Sing to your baby or read him a bedtime story before he turns in. Simply record your voice on the STS mobile application so it can be streamed to your baby through the built in speakers on the STS200 itself.


Helping you and baby sleep better

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