The SafetoSleep Difference

Using optic fiber technology to help you sleep better

About SafetoSleep

SafetoSleep is a sleep wellness company dedicated to innovating and developing products to help parents and babies sleep better.

As your baby falls asleep, the SafetoSleep technology begins calculating your baby’s real-time breath rate. SafetoSleep instantly notifies you once your baby’s breathing becomes irregular so you can take immediate action. SafetoSleep comes complete with the free to download Apple and Android mobile app so you can monitor your baby remotely*. Unlike most baby breath monitoring products currently available, SafetoSleep products are enabled by a patented optic fiber technology, which ensures that your baby is never exposed to harmful electrical discharges or electromagnetic radiation.

*Remote monitoring is available for certain models only

The pillars of SafetoSleep

Clinically validated

Validated by hospitals in a clinical setting

The BreathOpticsTM technology behind our products underwent a 6 month test bed trial in one of the region’s largest hospitals for accuracy and reliability when detecting the breath counts for premature and full term infants and was found to be highly accurate with reliable after a thorough evaluation by hospitals and received clinical validation.

Powered by optic fiber

100% safe to use with babies, children and adults

Our products are powered by optic fiber, which means that our products emit absolutely no electrical discharges or electromagnetic radiation, making it completely safe to use with babies and adults alike. Additionally, our infant care products have no external wires so there is no risk of strangulation.

Remote monitoring

True remote monitoring of breath count and sleep wellness

Unlike existing breath count devices, we offer true remote monitoring of their babies’ breath count via our SafetoSleep app. Thoughtfully designed charts and data ensure you can observe and study your baby’s breath count and sleep wellness even on the go. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Our promise

Our products are accurate, sensitive and reliable

We take pride in our mission to be a complete sleep wellness company so we ensure all of our products are accurate and sensitive as they are reliable. We constantly strive to use technology to further push the boundaries of sleep and breath monitoring devices so you can enjoy better sleep.

About our Products


The STS100 is a breathing monitor that observes breath count of premature and newborns and emits an alert in the event of any breathing irregularities. Its unique features such as its firm surface provides newborns with the support they require. Enabled by patented optic fiber technology, the STS100 is incredibly accurate, ensuring that caregivers are promptly alerted if an irregular breath event occurs.

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The SafetoSleep200 is a sleep wellness and breathing monitor. It is designed to monitor the breathing of your sleeping baby and alert you if your baby’s breathing becomes irregular. The SafetoSleep200 should be used with our complementary SafetoSleep app, which tracks and provides you with comprehensive sleep and breath wellness reports and logs. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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The SafetoSleep-OMNisystem is a breath movement monitoring system. Enabled by patented our optic fiber technology, the SafetoSleep-OMNisystem is incredibly accurate in detecting newborn sleep statuses and irregular breath events and promptly alerts a caregiver if an irregular breath event occurs. The SafetoSleep-OMNisystem is also a productivity enhancer with its ability to monitor up to 50 infants from just one terminal. It is also designed to smoothen the discharge process with its ability to generate baby wellness reports for medical professionals and parents alike easily.

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