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WHO recommends hospitals to allow mothers to room in with their newborn 24 hours a day

World Health Organization

Personalized medicine

Elevate the quality of care with personalized medicine

Unlike conventional professional breath monitoring equipment, the SafetoSleep-OMNisystem's intuitive and contact-free design also empowers and enables mothers to participate in the care of their infants while enjoying the protection of its advanced round-the-clock newborn respiratory monitoring capabilities. All irregular breath events are automatically logged for each baby so healthcare professionals can access these comprehensive logs and examine the data using the dashboard and design personalized treatments for each infant more effectively than ever.

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Continuous monitoring

Accurate and efficient round-the-clock continuous breath monitoring

The SafetoSleep-OMNisystem is a highly accurate, clinically validated newborn breathing monitoring system that brings professional nursery care to a superior new level of accuracy and efficacy. Powered by our patented award-winning BreathOpticsTM optic fiber technology, the SafetoSleep-OMNisystem can recognize periodic breathing episodes and instances of abnormal breathing pattern and alert the nursing staff on duty to attend to the affected infant.

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Parents' concerns

Anxious about being discharged

Many parents feel anxious about being discharged with their newborn. After being discharged, new parents feel they are on their own because the healthcare professionals that have been assisting them are no longer available to support them. Coupled with inexperience, understandably, these parents often need greater empathy and patience from their healthcare team to help to prepare to be discharged.

Nurses concerns

Facilitating better discharges

After the infant's primary doctor assesses if the infant is medically fit to be discharged before handing the discharge procedures over to the nurses to complete. Nurses often have numerous discharge procedures and paperwork to see to on top of their core duties while still being expected to help address and allay parents' concerns and questions about caring for a newborn infant empathetically and patiently.

Better discharge experiences

Humanize the discharge process with digital health technology

Hospital discharges are often long drawn out and harried affairs that are generally unpleasant. With the SafetoSleep-OMNisystem, hospitals can generate personalized discharge reports for parents that provide information on their baby's breath and sleep wellness. With streamlined discharge processes, it is easier to offer personalized medicine to every patient. Parents can also buy the SafetoSleep200 separately to continue enjoying the peace of mind our award-winning breath monitor offers.

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Elevating nursery care through digital health technology

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