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Harnessing the power of light within the optical fiber

Our BreathOpticsTM technology is powered by extremely sensitive and resilient optical fibers linked to a sensor control system that detects movements as subtle as the breathing of an infant weighing around 2 kg. Optical fiber function like flexible pipes that transmit light. Any minute movement, such as breathing, alters the light path and is immediately detected by a sensor control system. If there is irregular breathing, an alert will be sent to the caregiver via the nurses' dashboard

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Clinically Validated

Validated by hospitals in a clinical setting

The BreathOpticsTM technology behind our products underwent a 6-month test bed trial in one of the region’s largest hospitals for accuracy and reliability when detecting the breath counts for premature and full-term infants and was found to be highly accurate with reliable after a thorough evaluation by hospitals and received clinical validation.

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Our promise

Our systems are highly accurate, sensitive, and reliable

We take pride in our mission to be a complete breath and wellness company so we ensure all of our products are as accurate and sensitive as they are reliable. We constantly strive to use digital health technology to further push the boundaries of sleep and breath monitoring devices so we can help further elevate professional nursery care.

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Comprehensive monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of breath count and sleep wellness

Our SafetoSleep-OMNisystem breath monitoring system comes with powerful dashboards to help nurses have a complete oversight of up to 50 infants from a single nursing station. Our professional charts and data provide medical professionals with a precise breakdown of an infant's current sleep and breath wellness and any medical conditions that might have arisen during their stay.

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Powered by optic fiber

100% safe to use with babies, children, and adults

SafetoSleep is proudly powered by our clinically-validated, patented optic fiber technology. Our products emit absolutely no electrical discharges or electromagnetic radiation, making it completely safe to use with babies and adults alike. Additionally, our infant care products have no external wires so there is no risk of strangulation. Our SafetoSleep-OMNisystem also comes with waterproof mattresses that make it extremely easy to clean and maintain.

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