A part of growing up

Separation anxiety in babies begin around 6 months

- American Academy of Pediatricians

Separation anxiety

What is separation anxiety?

“Separation anxiety is a normal stage as a child grows and develops. They recognize their parents as familiar and safe. When separated from their parents, they feel threatened and unsafe.”

- MedlinePlus - Separation anxiety in children

Comforting familiarity

Make your presence felt even when you are away

Familiarity helps to reduce separation anxiety. Nothing can replace the warmth and comfort of your presence. More than just a baby monitor, the STS200 comes with a built in recording function which you can record your voice and soothing lullabies which will provide a sense of comfort and familiarity for your baby while you are away.

Smartphone Enabled Remote Access

Stay connected with your baby anytime, anywhere

One of the hardest things about having to be away from your baby is not having first hand information about your baby. With the STS200 remote access smartphone application you can get up-to-date reports and information on your baby's sleep wellness even on the go.


Helping you and baby sleep better

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